Kaito Discord Bot

Kaito is a simple bot written by Nicholas#0666, meant to make your moderation job easier! For example, you can get your User ID just by typing '=id'! A few more examples would be '=kick', '=ban', '=addrole', '=mute', '=unmute', with even more! Kaito can also be used for utility! For example, it has commands such as: '=avatar [@person]', '=ping', '=report [@person] [reason]', and '=multiply [numbers]'!


This is a list of all current commands in the Kaito Discord bot, along with what they do and what parameters they have.

Command What it does Parameters
=helpSends this list of commands into DMsN/A
=multiplyMultiplies numbers together into one productN/A
=idGives the ID of you or the mentioned user.N/A or @user
=pingCalculates current bot ping.N/A
=reportReports mentioned user for attached reason@user + <reason>
=inviteSends a link to this website.N/A
=avatarSends the avatar of mentioned user.@user
=patchShows recent updates to Kaito.N/A
=kickKicks mentioned user.@user + <reason (optional)
=banBans mentioned user.@user + <reason (optional)
=addroleAdds mentioned role to mentioned user@user + @role
=removeroleRemoves mentioned role to mentioned user.@user + @role
=muteMutes mentioned user.@user + <reason (optional)
=unmuteUnmutes mentioned user.@user
=servermuteServermutes mentioned user.
@user + <reason (optional)
=unservermuteUnservermutes mentioned user.@user
Servermutes and mutes mentioned user@user + <reason (optional)
=usthuUnservermutes and unmutes mentioned user@user 

Kaito Bot by Nicholas#0666